Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Now BLACKSHOT Staffords

Totally committed to the complete Stafford since 1978

Sandra Smid & Steve Hughes - Australia

Showing Staffords is our hobby, and every litter we breed is done with the intention of producing puppies which will excel in the conformation ring - but first and fore most our dogs are appreciated as valued members of our family.  We only breed when we want to keep a puppy for ourselves - we do not breed litters just to sell the pups.

In October 2008 we relocated from New Zealand to Australia.  We are continuing to use the "Warmaster" kennel name (Affix) on our website, however it is not registered to us in Australia - unfortunately someone else has claimed the name here so from now on we will be breeding under our new affix - Blackshot.

The over-riding philosophy in our breeding programme is to produce dogs that are physically and mentally sound, which means that those that don't quite measure up to the fickle requirements of being a "show dog" are able to provide years of enjoyment as valued members of your family too.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

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